How to Play YouTube TV with Google Home

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Play YouTube TV with Google Home? sure you can do it. Learn how to set up and use YouTube TV with Google Home below. But before you start, make sure you’ve signed up for a YouTube TV membership.

YouTube TV is a paid membership that brings you live TV from major broadcast networks, popular cable networks, and premium networks. You can watch live sports as well as DVR without storage space limits on all of your screens, including on mobile phones and tablets, using Chromecast on your TV, and on a web browser on your computer. Also YouTube TV also features shows from YouTube creators, YouTube Red Originals, and trending YouTube videos.

Note: This feature is available in the U.S.

1. Set up Chromecast and your Google Home device

  1. Setup Chromecast for Windows.
  2. Setup Google Home Device on Android & iOS.

2. Link Chromecast using Google Home app

  1. Open the Google Home app.
  2. In the bottom right corner of the Home screen, tap Account.
  3. Verify that the Google Account that is listed is the one linked to Google Home. Open the Google Home app > tap the device you want to check the linked accounts for. In the top right corner of the device card, tap Settings. Underneath Linked accounts(s), you’ll see the Google Account(s) linked to this specific Google Home device. To switch accounts, click the triangle to the right of the account name.
  4. Make sure your Chromecast is set up and on the same Wi-Fi network as Google Home.
  5. Tap More settings > TVs and Speakers. You’ll see a list of linked devices.
  6. To link a new Chromecast or TV with Chromecast built-in, tap + in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  7. The Google Home app will search for voice-supported TVs on the same Wi-Fi network as your Google Home. 
  8. To add a device, tap the checkbox next to the device name. You can select multiple devices. Tap Add.
  9. You’ll see all your linked devices within the “TVs and speakers” section of the Google Home app.

3. Control YouTube TV using voice commands

  • To use YouTube TV and Google Home together, sign in to the same Google account on YouTube TV and Google Home. 
  • If you’re part of a YouTube TV family plan or sharing your Google Home with other YouTube TV members, make sure to sign in to your personal Google account on Google Home to access your own YouTube TV library and viewing preferences. Learn more about linking your Google account and your voice to Google Home.

Common voice commands

Here are some things you can say to your Google Assistant on Google Home:

To do this: Say “Ok Google” or “Hey Google,” then…
Play a live TV channel “Play MSNBC on YouTube TV”
Play a TV show
Play the most recent episode of a TV show
Play a specific episode of a TV show
“Play This Is Us on YouTube TV”
“Play the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy on YouTube TV”
“Play last night’s <show>”
Play a movie “Play <movie> on YouTube TV”
Play a sports game “Play the <MLB game> on YouTube TV”
“Play the <sports team> game on YouTube TV”
Record a show “Record Empire”
Pause/resume/stop “Pause”
Turn off closed captions “Turn on closed captions”
Rewind or fast forward “Rewind [xx mins yy seconds]”
“Fast forward [xx mins yy seconds]”

Tips and tricks how to play content on your TV

  • Troubleshoot voice commands:
    If your Google Home get trouble with accuracy, you can making to more specific. For example, try saying the entire name of a program, the service (e.g., “…on YouTube TV”), or the name of your device, (e.g., “…on Chromecast”).
  • How to use your voice to control media you casted from your mobile phone or tablet:
    If you start playing a TV show or movie on TV by casting from your phone or tablet, you’ll need to first say “on [device name]” (e.g., “Pause the Warriors game on the living room TV”). After you specify the device the first time, you won’t need to say “on the living room TV” again.
  • Control media using your voice:
    Control media using your voice when you start playing a TV show or movie using your voice, like “Ok Google. Watch This Is Us,” all of your next control commands (pause, next, etc.) will control that TV. You won’t need to specify the TV after the viewing session begins.
  • How to control your TV when media is playing on Google Home:
    First, when media is playing on Google Home at the same time as your remote device, all control commands will control Google Home, not your remote devices. To control your remote device, you have to always say, “Ok Google, [do X] on [device].”

    So if you stop playing content on Google Home by saying, “Ok Google, stop,” and you want to start controlling the remote device that is currently playing, you must first say “on [device]” to the next command you make to this remote device. For example: “Ok Google, next video on TV.”

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